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  1. gem
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i was checking a website link and it did not want to open, leaving me with the wordpress login window only - so i entered quickly a username and password to see if why it didn't want to open. and next thing i know the website address now opens on a template wordpress.

    i have no clue really why and how, so i entered the dashboard to erase your address from the url address space and now it doesn't even let me log in nor enter, saying it doesn't recognize the server. it can't recognize the username and password created just moments earlier.

    i am at loss of words and explanation, i emailed support at wordpress - could only find the email contact for the reset password issue. and posted on forums.
    i do not know at all what and how this could happen, it really seems bizarre and surreal that anyone could "hack" into any website address and overlap.

    i think that website was a self-supported on wordpress.org and therefore created thew contrast but this never happened to me before. and i need to have the website running again with its legitimate content for its legitimate owner asap!!

    please let me know what i can do to sort this crazy unfortunate mistake.

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