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  • Okay…. Read all the threads in the forum on this subject.
    Wasn’t able to use the if/else commands version per the instructions because I have sidebars designated as Left and Right, rather than the generic empty sidebar function in page.php.

    So, finally found the easy instructions for creating a Template file, and WordPress automatically created the Template dropdown.

    Created a new Template file, omitting the Right Sidebar, and of course in the Forum page selected that Template.

    Problem is, the Right Sidebar is STILL SHOWING…???

    I looked at another thread, and it said to check if other files were calling it (such as loop.php), and I couldn’t find any, and I cleared caches.

    How can I get this to work?

    Here’s the code in my new Template file:

    [code moderated – please use the pastebin]

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  • oppy… I think I just solved by own problem.
    I just deleted the “left” sidebar above, and that apparently solved the problem.

    The sidebar now is gone!

    hmmm…. Don’t know why the original had the left and then right sidebar designations? Anyway, working now. Now I just have to figure out from the other threads how to expand the page.

    Easy to fix the width….

    Found the “content” css, and simply created a new one copied of it, but with a new name, and then went to the div in the new_template_page.php and changed the div id name from “content” to my new name.

    [code moderated – please use the pastebin]

    Are you kidding…. You moderate my post just for that small amount of code, barley even over 10 lines? Goodness. 🙁

    Can you email me your fix? I have been trying and can’t seem to get it to remove even after trying all of these fixes listed in the forums.

    Please email me your width fix also leeuniverse. thank you!



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    if you start your own new topic, and post the name of your theme and a link to your site, you might get an answer here in the forum (?)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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