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    I have downloaded and implemented your plugin and went step by step through the tutorial. I added it to my Facebook Business Catalog Manager and the products are showing really weird. It is basically displaying the first variation option as the product title and the product picture. I want the products to display like they do on the main site with the parent product title and parent product picture displayed (with no variation characteristics in the title). I also want the variations to be listed as properly nested under the parent with their own variation images and with the proper amount of variations (no deleted variations).

    I have attached an imgur link here to show you what I am talking about. As you can see in this one, the parent product is listed as the extra large variation and the small and medium are listed underneath. Also, you can see the product title in the other picture which is messed up and displaying the variations in the title.

    I have attached my debug report in the link field above on this post.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Thanks for using our plugin and reaching out to us. In previous versions of our plugin we indeed removed the parent variable product for some marketing channels (such as Facebook) as explained in this blog post:

    We however just pushed out a new release of the plugin that does add the parent variable product for Facebook feeds (version 8.4.8). Could you try downloading that version and give it a shot?

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    I just updated the plugin and it seems to have changed nothing at all. I checked the use parent product picture for variations option in settings and that seems to have changed nothing at all.

    Please re-review my original post and pictures link since it seems that you have misunderstood the extent of the problems with this plugin. It is not only that you don’t allow the product listing to show the parent but it is that the product listing on my Facebook Business profile shows 4 variations for the jeans example I gave to you but only three when I click on it, with one of the variations randomly chosen as the parent and another variation randomly completely missing from the catalog. To give a more extreme example, my pet glasses listing has 12 color variants. The Facebook Business catalog shows that there should be 12 variants listed under that product but when I click on its variants tab, it only shows 3 variants??? It seems somehow all of my products are being limited to three variants despite having more than three. This completely breaks your plugin for me and is unusable. Something is incredibly wrong and it goes beyond just not showing the parent.

    Also, everything in your plugin seems to point to the fact that parent products should be able to work on Facebook and Google Marketplace. Everything from the design of your field mapping and category mapping to your plugin settings would make no sense if these marketplaces did not allow for parent listings. Also, Facebook catalog clearly displays a layout and design that groups all variations under one parent listing. Also, I can go on other companies’ Facebook stores and Google marketplaces all day long and see one single parent listing with various color and size variations. So your linked article stating, “Yet, Google and some other channels NOT allow you to add the parent product to the product feed” seems to be blatantly false.

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    Thanks for your constructive feedback.

    You mention:

    I just updated the plugin and it seems to have changed nothing at all.

    That’s not correct, we have tested yesterdays release again today and noticed this was happening after yesterdays release:
    As you can see adding the parent variable product to the feed resulted in two products in the Facebook catalog, a grouped one with 12 variations and the variable product itself. That is not correct so we have just reverted yesterdays release so only the grouped one will make it to the feed.

    In the current 8.4.9 release the plugin adds the product variations to the feed according to Facebook’s requirements as described here:

    Release 8.4.9 now results to this in Facebook catalogs for variable products:
    As you can see in the above screencast you’ll see that this particular variable product has 12 variations. When one checks the variations at first glance it seems there are only 6 or 7 variations, however when you scroll in the Facebook pop-up you’ll see all 12 are there.

    Facebook somewhat oddly groups them and just picks one variation as the main one to display ‘on top’, unfortunately you cannot configure that yourselves.

    They even state this (

    Note: Only one variant per product group will display in your ads and commerce channels. You can’t select which variant shows. This variant is automatically selected from the product group based on relevance or popularity.

    Now bear in mind, when you still have less variations in the catalog then expected then this could also be caused because of the fact Facebook believes your variations are not unique. So make sure to add the attributes that define your variations, such as size and colours, to your Facebook feed.

    With regards to this remark you made:

    “Yet, Google and some other channels NOT allow you to add the parent product to the product feed” seems to be blatantly false.

    The above note of Facebook already proves the accuracy of our blog post. Also, we manage over 600 merchant centers for Google Shopping accounts, adding parent variable products to your merchant center will result in disapprovals of all those parent products because of multiple reasons (the main one is the price mismatch error as parent variable products do not have prices of their own, its variations have).

    Hope this clarifies things?

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    Assuming the issue at hand has been resolved and/or our support is no longer needed we are going to close this topic for housekeeping reasons.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us again whenever our support is needed.

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