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    In client Name it says:
    Enter the valid client name

    As I have over 20 domains listed with Zoho, I add the name that helps me remember which domain and the purpose of the app I am creating and hit create

    Error occurred

    The error doesn’t explain anything or gives details of what is causing this error!

    What is the “valid” client name?
    (I suppose this might have been the reason for the error?)

    As we can’t read the programmers mind, it would be very nice (applies to all Zoho stuff) to explain things in more details.

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    We will enhance the error message in a better manner in future. In your case, we are yet to handle multiple domains, so please try using one domain alone without any special characters. If the error still persists, please share the relevant screenshot for us to debug the error.

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    in the field “Client Domain”

    As it dos matter, it should be without http/s, it would be better to mention on the page it should be without the http/s or let the error tell https should not be included.

    other than that, creating the app worked without the https

    Test email sent without problems but, I cannot see the purpose of this plugin, it only allows me to send an email from my site but not access the email it connects too to reply to emails etc. It seems I can add more accounts as in Configure Account, (without testing) it allows me to add a new email account.

    I was not expecting an email newsletter client but a little more than such a basic feature to only send an email.

    To send an email I would need to know the email address or dig for it elsewhere, it would take a shorter time to either log into my Zoho or email client to send the email.

    I think, without any further development of this plugin, “as is” it will be useless for most users.


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    marked as resolved!

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    one thing that just comes to my mind is this plugin can provide a dangerous feature, the plugin access should be based on a user role or selected users so not anyone with access to the site admin can blast emails away from the site.

    Plugin Author Zoho Mail


    Our zoho Mail WP plugin is not only meant to send test emails, the plugin will take full control of all your outgoing email patterns.

    We have designed to this to send automated emails based on user’s requirement:

    Our mail sending functions include the following use cases:


    Also we would be glad to know about your use case with this plugin if it is not listed in the above, we will check the feasibility of enhancing them.


    The plugin seems not being working correctly.

    I followed all your tutorial in order to connect my WP application to Zoho.

    I achieve to authenticate with Client ID and Client Secret but after that my WP app still with no connection.

    Thanks for your help with this issue. Regards,

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    The description reads;
    Zoho Mail Plugin helps you to configure your Zoho Mail account in your WordPress site, to send emails from your Site.

    This can be easily misunderstood, I understood it would let me use and access my Zoho email from my sites.

    There are already a few plugins that do this already and some do it better than others…

    I’ve to admit the Zoho plugin is easier to set up but the one I linked to allows me more options, one of them is to choose the name the email are sent from.

    Plugin Author Zoho Mail


    Please feel free to drop an email to support (at) zohomail (dot) com with your contact details along with your best available time for us to assist you further. Ensure that you have this URL link included in your email communication for our reference. Looking forward for your email.
    ZohoMail Team

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