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  • Many users of WordPress are not aware that we can automatically create hundreds or even thousands of pages/posts on the web simply by using a spreadsheet of content.

    1. Convert the spreadsheet into a .csv file simply by changing the extension.
    2. Upload the .csv file to WordPress using the CSV 2 POST plugin which you can download from
    3. Using the Data Import tools in CSV 2 POST to import raw data into your WordPress database.
    4. Configure your template design and any requirements you have for your WordPress theme.
    5. Click a button to create posts. If done right, your data (content) is used to fill out all parts of a post. This will happen for every record you import.

    If you are creating pages manually from data, in your business or hobby. There is no need. CSV 2 POST allows for the most complex HTML designs by using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Your posts will look just as if created by your hand one at a time.

    CSV 2 POST is key to improve productivity when creating posts from data.

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