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  • Can your plugin be used to create a new woocommerce order when a webhook is received? For example:

    1. Woocommerce Site 1 receives an order and has a woocommerce webhook setup to post the order data to Site 2
    2. Site 2 creates an order from the data received from Site 1

    Here’s the woocommerce webhook info:

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  • Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @ggerbz,

    thanks a lot for your message!
    Unfortunately, we don’t offer an extension at this point that supports the direct integration of Woocommerce, but you still have a couple of ways to archive what you want to do.
    Down below I’ll show you three possibilities you have to archive that.

    1. Create the order using our create_post action in combination with, for example, Zapier.
    To do that, you would need to create a new Zap, which you connect with your Woocommerce webhook. After Zapier receives your new order, you can map the incoming data to our create_post action and post it to your website. Therefore you need to define certain meta values for the create_post action to set, for example, the pricing and serialized data. To add meta values, you would need our pro version since the free one only supports the basic functionality of adding posts.

    2. The second possibility would be to send the webhook data from your first store again to Zapier and built a custom response to a custom action. (You can, for example, create a JSON response that you send back to your second site). To do that you need to create a custom webhook endpoint on your second site. You can do that by using our custom plugin template, which is available here:
    There you can use the example setup to map the data to your needs and do whatever you want to do with the code.

    3. Our upcoming version has the possibility to send data directly to a webhook action by defining it within the URL parameter. Therefore you can use the custom webhook action URL from our plugin and extend it by &action=MYCUSTOMACTION
    After that, you can use our custom plugin template mentioned in the second step of this post to create your own, custom webhook URL endpoint.

    Depending on your need, we’ll be happy to assist you in case you have some questions or you need custom development.
    Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hi @ggerbz – Short update on your topic: We now have the first version of our Woocommerce extension live. You can check it out with here:
    It allows you to create and manage your Woocommerce Orders via webhooks.

    @darcy80 – This topic is also interesting for you. We used this extension (link above) as well to finalize our logic with Thrivecart. Within the next week, we will upload a new tutorial on our YouTube channel on how you can set all of it up.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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