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    I got the registration working just fine, thank you for your plugin!

    I see right now, I can create a user and will only submit the username, email and password. What if I need to send the description, name and maybe some custom fields?

    Is it possible and if so, how can we do that?

    thank you!

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  • Plugin Author sk8tech


    Hello @luchoster

    That’s possible since version 1.4.0. Just add an action

    add_action('wp_rest_user_create_user', 'user_created');
    function user_created($user) {
    	// Do Actions
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    Hm. This is not enough actually.
    You need to pass form data to same action as well so I can access data sent via register form.

    add_action('wp_rest_user_create_user', 'user_created', 10, 2);
    function user_created($user, $parameters) {
    	// Do Actions

    Need to extend action in plugin L:140:
    do_action('wp_rest_user_user_register', $user, $parameters)

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    @bobz I’ve tried this, but $parameters is empty in

    function user_created($user, $parameters) {
    	// Do Actions

    Any suggestions ?

    Nevermind its fixed, the problem was I had this

    add_action('wp_rest_user_create_user', 'user_created');

    instead of this

    add_action('wp_rest_user_create_user', 'user_created', 10, 2);

    Correct, it’s needed to modify plugin code.
    Mr. President

    is there a plan to extend the plugin, so this doesn’t break when there’s a new update?

    I second what @luchoster is asking.
    Without directly modifying the plugin I don’t see how I can access $parameters.

    I want add description in my form of register. can someone show code of exemplo for get description too ?

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    hey @eduardoomota as @bobz mentioned, you need to add this

    The first part can be done on your functions.php file.

    Then the user_created function could look like this (this could be your /user endpoint):

    function user_created($user, $parameters) {
        $user_id = $user->id;
        if (isset($parameters['description'])) {
          update_user_meta( $user_id, 'description', $parameters['description'] );


    It looks like we still can’t insert first_name / last_name or other user-related fields on wp_rest_user_create_user action.

    The reason is because the parameters are not being passed.
    Two workarounds:
    1. Create a custom API endpoint and recreate the whole user_create function

    Ups: Keeps update compatibility with WordPress but we will have custom code on the create_user function
    Downs: If there will be vulnerabilities in the user_create function that WP team or Rest API team will fix we will have the old code.

    2. Extend the Rest API plugin code – this is bad because things break if the plugin is updated

    So please shed some light on how exactly this is done the right way.



    Any update on adding First and Last names?

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