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    HI Mike,

    When doing the roster, I can create the HY-TEK HY3 file as all. I want to create a GENDER specific load.

    I change the roster class (added GENDER to the table display)
    I change the roster include (add gender to column default)
    It shows.
    I cannot search on it and filter even though I added it and made it searchable.

    Do you have an idea on how to get the roster dumped by gender and create to separate files?

    Seems like other dumps I can manage gender splits. THis HY-TEK dump looks for the entire active roster. Normal but what if genders need to be kept separate for loading.

    Thanks for you time.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    This is a tricky one as it really isn’t designed to do what you want. If you want to use a dummy swim meet to get separate rosters I would probably do this:

    1. Set up two separate swim meets, one for Boys, one for Girls.
    2. Create Boys only events for the Boys meet, girls only event for the Girls meet.
    3. Generate entries for each meet separately.

    Because there will only be one gender swimmer for each meet based on the available events, you should end up with two export files, one for each gender.

    But this isn’t really what you want. You want an export of the roster and the way the roster export code works is it will export any active swimmer for the active season. The filter you mention above will not have any effect on the export by design.

    The only work-around I can think of would be to do something similar as above where you create temporary seasons, one for boys and one for girls and register all of your boys for one, all of the girls for the other, and then export the each roster separately. Not very elegant but it would work. I don’t know know how much effort it would be to register all of the boys for one season and all of the girls for the other though.

    You could try and use a Unix tool like grep (there are Windows versions available) to filter the lines for one gender or the other from the standard combined gender export. The gender is coded into one of the fields but it is pretty easy to mess up the HY3 file if you aren’t careful.

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the answer. After reading your answer, I felt like a jackass. As a matter of fact I have it set up as boys meets and girls meets. I was looking at it from the WHOLE roster view and it was dumping as ONE FILE. Now if I go into my meets, I can easily select the boy or girl meet and dump the records – This works! I can now use these files to preload and allow our registrar to manually remove scratches from the software later before submitting. (We need to submit file to other HOSTING coaches ahead of time.) Parents will not be using the scratch function per these events. I hope to see that they use the register / scratch for INVITATIONALS.

    By the way another option I am working on is to copy some code that contains looping through entire active roster and split the gender. Then execute the class / Function for HY-TEK creation in PHP. I will implement this PHP in a template and call the template to dump the records quickly. Just to see if I can do it as a dirty work around.

    Question as I will close this out or marked resolved – I thought of something else.

    I altered the roster class and another php to include a new drop down in the search, but the search is not working (AKA QUERY). Is this is the DEFAULT query or embedded somewhere else. I would like to see if I can get the roster to FILTER based on GENDER. If I select the AGEGROUP with your prefixed gender, it sorts it by GENDER (BLOCKED/GROUPED) but not isolated.

    Which query will allow me to add the gender as LIKE %Female% and watch it filter the results display output.

    Thanks for the quick responses.

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