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  • Now, here’s a tough one. I’m new to WordPress but pretty good with XHTML/CSS, and I’m trying to create a two column layout. Now the tricky bit is that the person I’m trying to install this for is going to want to edit both column’s worth of information on a per-page basis.

    To give you an idea, say she’s posting an article. She wants to write the article out in full, and then, along the side, feature a brief blurb about the article, or any related information (like charts, contact info, etc.)

    Not a problem, I think, so I come up with the less than perfect plan to add a section at the bottom of the article, wrapped in a [code] tag, and then, in CSS, set:


    to move this code block into the top left corner. Now, I’m running into a problem whereby WordPress is shuffling around the output so that the [/code] tag is appearing in the wrong place (wrapping around the first element in the code block).

    Any ideas on a way around this, or even a better solution to my hackneyed CSS?

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