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  • I have a system running with some plugins that require visitors to be logged in in order to use them. If the visitors win or in other ways wish to continue their using my site I would like them to be able to “convert” their temp login into an actual account.

    Is there anything like this premade anywhere?


    1: User visits my site, and enters a lottery!
    2: User looses and never come back, or…
    2.1: User wins, but needs to register in order to recieve price
    3: User must be able to change temp login into an actual account from a profile editable page, where ALL fields are editable.


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  • Your question really has nothing to do with WordPress. It is more an application programming question but I’ll give you my thoughts….

    Why do they need to register again to win a prize? Have them register as Subscribers to the web site.

    What you should do is let everyone register and capture their first name, last name, address, telephone, and email address. Then, send all subscribers an email telling them that a lottery is coming in a few weeks. Those that register as subscribers a week before the lottery cant be included because you will have sent your last email out a week before.

    If they want to register for it to click the link in the email. That takes them to a landing page where they click a button to confirm their entry/ticket to the lottery.

    On the day of the lottery you go select only those subscribers who confirmed their entry and then send them an email letting they know that they won.

    You need to do some custom programming. There are no premade solutions for this type of thing. You need a good looking custom theme for one and landing pages and lottery selection code. If you don’t know how to do this kind of thing, you need to hire someone to do the programming. Also, realize that this can scale to millions of users and you better be prepared to spend a lot of money sending out emails to users from a mass emailing service. Your hosting company is not going to let you do that.


    First thank you for replying

    I myself is not interested in signing up and delivering my email to a hole bunch of sites along with the issues that is dealing with multiple passwords. Therefore I am looking for a way to create a user by using session/time/ip or whatever, but still allowing people to use the current and temporary user settings/information to create an actual account on the website.

    As you point out, custom coding is perhaps needed for the wordpress user situation, I already have the wordpress site running with the specs I need and the games I need, now I just would like to offer some anynomous playing along with the possibility to convert anonymity into an account for the visistors own benefit and being able to recieve prizes.

    I have already the site set up to show an email input box and login link at first visit, but I would like to change this into my current idea (temp user and possibility to change into actual account)

    Thank you

    Well the anonymous users would need to be converted to Subscribers. They do that by registering. You could give them temporary access by deciding on a fixed time frame of say, 3 days of access. When they verify themselves by email, their user_registered database field gets set to a date/time.

    Knowing that date/time, you could run a cron job that goes in and walks through each User in the database and compare their register time. If it exceeds the time out value (lets say 3 days), then you remove the user out of the database.

    Does that sound like a solution?

    You can use following plugin for create a temporary user or disable user.

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