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    I hope I’m just missing something obvious here. I installed the bbPress plugin (v. 2.0-beta-1) on a fresh install of WordPress and it the instructions on the plugin page are not helpful. “Create some forums” — OK, I did that using the Forums sidebar menu. But how can I see those Forums I created? I tried to navigate to the “forums” and “forum” directories off the base /wordpress/ install folder, but no dice. I get a 404 (when permalinks are off) or a “Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.” message when permalinks are on.

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  • Cliff, on the page where you created the forum look under page Templates on the right and choose the template “bbpress – Forums (Index)”

    It took me a while to find that our too, I must admit 🙂

    Thanks for the response, sunsetcowboy. I’m still confused — I don’t see anything about Page Templates available to me on that page whatsoever.

    But I started poking around and then enabled the bbPress (Twenty Ten) 1.1 Theme, thinking that would get me in the right direction.

    So far still the same results, but I’d love some new ideas to try.

    I think the templates are only to be found on the new 2010 bbpress theme. for any other theme you will have to adapt and make your own I fear …

    But its early days yet, I’m sure theme designers will jump on the bandwagon soon 🙂

    Thanks for the help. I poked around in the theme and enabled some widgets, and suddenly….it’s working now!

    Regenerating my permalinks didn’t help (tried that several times before). I am baffled as to why activating some bbPress widgets suddenly makes the permalinks for the forums/topics work, but I am glad it’s working anyway.

    Oh, and I’ve STILL got no menu option anywhere I can see to change any page templates — there’s no place for me to choose “bbPress – Forums (Index)” so that part is still a bit of a mystery.

    I’ve scoured my screen and am not finding anything like that. Even checked Apache’s logs to see if there was a silent PHP error preventing the display or something. No dice, so far. I guess I’ll blow that bridge up when I come to it.

    Plugin Author John James Jacoby


    The page template “bbPress – Forums (Index)” only appears when you are using the bbPress TwentyTen theme. If you are using the normal TwentyTen theme, you’ll most likely need to use the following shortcode in a WordPress page to display your forum index.


    I’ll look into automatically generating a forum index/archive page to avoid this confusion when bbPress 2.0 officially launches.

    Yes, please include that in the official launch, that would prove most helpful. 🙂

    Ahhhh… I was banging my head against this one for a while.
    So, you need to create the wp pages needed for each bbpress template. Got it.

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