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    I want to create a multi vendor store where I need to create different types of coupon as an admin. These coupon will be created by Admin.
    some examples of coupons I am looking for are:
    1. Site-wide 10% discount.
    2. Site-wide flat discount.
    3. Discount on minimum cart amount.
    4. Discount on selected products(of single vendor).
    5. Discount on selected products(of multiple vendor).

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  • Hello @akshayjain,

    There are some changes made with the update of the plugin.We removed the admin coupon to be applied on the cart when Dokan installed because we have thought of the scenarios below:

    1. Say you are admin and have created a coupon that provides a discount for $40 flat for all your vendor’s products. Some of the vendors may sell products which are $5. So, it is impossible to provide $40 flat discount for a product with $5 cost.
    2. Another fact is, a vendor might not want to put any discount on his shop’s products, in that case, admin cannot forcefully apply a discount for his products. For products that are very costly, the discount is not an option.

    Now, if you need this feature then please open dokan-lite/includes/class-order-manager.php file and comment out this line – add_filter( ‘woocommerce_coupon_is_valid’, array( $this, ‘ensure_vendor_coupon’ ), 10, 3 );


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    Hello @roshni07,

    I checked the filter you mentioned. But after removing that filter what will be effects on my store. I have few scenarios and would like to know how can I handle those.

    I want vendor commission to be calculated on price entered by vendor and discount will be admin’s cost.


    If you remove the codes you will be able to create a coupon code from the admin panel and offer the code to the buyers.

    You can offer coupon as the WooCommerce will allow.The coupon is WooCommerce feature you will know all the details here

    Thanks 🙂

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    I am aware about woocommerce coupons things I am concerned is how commission will be calculated. Can you please help me out with commissions calculations.

    I want vendor commission to be calculated on price entered by vendor and discount will be admin’s cost.
    => Is this possible with Dokan

    Hello @akshayjain,

    It causes the issue with the commission when someone uses the WooCommerce coupon. That is why the coupon has been restricted from our side.

    I have already mentioned the mismatch in my first response. Have a look. You can test on your local server to find out more details and check if it fillup your requirement or not.


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