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  • Is there any way to use images that are already in my library, instead of having to upload fresh images?

    I use Media Library Assistant and an image renaming plugin when I upload all of my images. These plugins let me rapidly turn dozens of poorly named images (DSC1001.jpg) into descriptive names that have titles, alt text, categories and tags assigned.

    Your plugin is a GREAT way to use images to create posts, but it seems I can only use the plugin for NEW image uploads. When I use it, I have to do all of the renaming, categorizing and tagging manually, which takes a long time when you’re adjusting dozens of images at a time that all have unique combinations of tags and categories. This problem would be solved immediately if I could select images that already exist within the Media Library and create posts from them (and would save users like me a TON of time).

    If your plugin does not currently allow for the use of images that are already in the wordpress media library, is that a piece of functionality you could include for a future update?

    Thanks for your work on an awesome plugin!

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  • Plugin Author mezzaninegold


    Sounds like something I could look into, let me know if you have any other suggestions.

    Which image renaming plugin do you use?

    Any updated on this interesting enhancement?


    Whats the status on this?

    This would also be super useful for me!

    Also- If this plugin could be updated to import from existing library- would it be terribly difficult to add PDF capability?

    Right now I use ‘Add From Server’ to bulk import the PDFS from my server. When uploaded to the Media Library’PDF Image Generator’ automatically creates a thumbnail from 1st page of PDF that is set to ‘featured image’ of any post automatically when the PDF is embedded in a post. The images are parented to the PDFs, I supposed it would be at this stage that the bulk post from media library would be implemented. Although right now I’m using ‘Aspose Pdf Importer’ to embed the PDFs in a post by hand, because it converts the PDF to text and inserts the text (usually a little garbled) into the post so I can then run ‘Daknetcorp Auto Tag Category’ to auto-generate tags. I have hundreds of PDFs that I’m working with so creating posts one by one is time consuming and since I’m using ‘WP Fulltext Search’ (includes the indexed PDFs) I’d be willing to forgo the auto tag generation if I could bulk post from PDF.

    Gah, I wish I was a better coder and could write a more elegant solution to this roundabout plugin layer kludge. Three cheers for you and your work



    Would be so great if your plugin could work with:
    Media from FTP

    Kind Regards,



    This would be a totally cool addition to the plugin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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