• Hello,

    we wan’t to create a application form for our assosication. To create that we found “formidable”. Works so far. But the user has to sign the application, so we wan’t to create a PDF from that filled form and mail it to the user so he can sign it.

    Does anybody know which plugin we can use here?

    Thanks in advance



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    Hi Daniel,
    I don’t think there’s any contact plugin which can do this and the reason is that you need to connect two different functions (the contact one and the pdf creation one).

    If you want to have everything done in the contact form and then converted to a pdf file, I suggest you to check out a software called Zapier (here the website https://zapier.com/ ) to see if there’s a way to connect your email with a pdf creation app.
    It’s an automation software which has a plugin for wordpress too and I know it supports lots of app.



    Check this plugin


    This is an add-on for Formidable Form, so might help.


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    it seems that pro2pdf can only fill out pdf forms with data from the contact form.

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    Exactly, then you have to send the form back.

    If you want to have all automated you can check if zapier allow you to do that (you could contact their team to ask).

    Is that what you’re looking form?


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