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    There are several categories for my posts: Trips, News, Plans etc.
    I am trying to create a page for each category that will only display posts for that category.
    The posts correctly show up in the Gutenberg editor preview but after I update the page and view the site, there are no posts displayed, only the header and footer.

    I’ve tried both the Query Loop Block, filling in the Category field with either Trips, News, or Plans for the respective pages. I’ve also tried using the simple “Latest Posts” block with nothing else on the page.

    My home page correctly displays all posts.

    I’m using the full site editing using blocks with the Gutenberg editor.

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    Pretty sure your answer can be found with a Google search! šŸ™‚

    I searched “WordPress page display one category” and came up with this in the top five (there are more):

    I’ve reviewed this source and the advice is solid.

    Once you’ve created the template and stored it to your (child) theme, you must set the page to use the template (in the page editor settings, usually in the right sidebar). This step is described under the “Create Page Template in WordPress” heading in the above linked article.

    There might also be plugins to perform similar tasks. Search is up to you!

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    Thank you for responding!
    Sadly that won’t work for the scenario I was describing which uses Gutenburg and full site editing using the Query Loop Block.

    In hind sight I should have titled my post:
    “Gutenberg: Query-Loop-Block filtering appears broken for Categoriesā€

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    Google does work for the scenario you are describing. I typed in “wordpress Query-Loop-Block single category page” and found this:

    Scrolling through the article I find it addresses your question.

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    Thank you for the second link.
    That is actually the advice I followed, but the Query-Loop-Block only works correctly in the template preview (meaning that it shows posts only for the filtered Category when I see it in the editor preview), once I publish the page, there are no posts that show up.

    I will go through again and make sure I have made no mistakes.

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    Little Package


    I didn’t say Google was of little help. I said, I Googled it and found answers. I found many pages with answers to your question on how to create a page showing only one category of post.

    But it sounds like you’ve already done this and have a problem where your preview shows the changes, but are not saved correctly (do not display after save). If this is a bug, it’s likely addressed in WordPress even if Query-Loop-Block is new, because you wouldn’t be the only one experiencing it. The fact it doesn’t seem to be in WP Trac means it could be something unique to your installation.

    I assume the categories (Trips, News, Plans) all have published posts.

    What have you tried? Is WordPress up-to-date on your server? What version of PHP are you using? Have you tried clearing caches and creating a fresh page?

    There is another (classic) way of creating a Page displaying all posts under a category: by using Appearance -> Menu


    The posts correctly show up in the Gutenberg editor preview but after I update the page and view the site, there are no posts displayed, only the header and footer.

    If switching themes is a possibility, give it a try. See if the page displays correctly under a different theme.

    Were you able to solve your issues?

    If so, it’s a good practice to mark this topic as “Resolved” per forum guidelines.

    You can do this using the “Status” drop-down menu located on the right sidebar of this page.

    In addition, this can help out other users.


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    Thank you for following up.
    I was not able to solve why query-loop-block category-filtered posts were displaying correctly in the Gutenberg editor preview yet not displaying once published. I tried several themes that supported full-site-editing.

    After several days of trying to get it to work, I have since moved backwards and am not currently using full-site-editing.

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