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    I’m not really sure how to go about this one. I’m building a menu builder for a restaurant to work with their WordPress, which is simple enough by itself. My question involves implementing this as either

    a) providing a button inside the wordpress admin section so they just edit the page directly from there

    b) or would I need to put in a separate secure login myself

    I guess I can’t see any reason why I couldn’t do it the first way except perhaps issues with upgrades in future.

    This is more a general question so anyone with a tip or some advice is welcome… thanks in advance.

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  • I don’t see why a) wouldn’t work if they are already logged in…unless they leave it open to the admin page and others might have access to it. Come to think of it b) would be better for strict security.

    mmm I hadn’t thought of the issue of leaving it open, I was thinking of learning to make a plugin but time is in short supply as usual and budgets low.

    option b looks a lot better when I think about it…

    I’m reading the Adding Administrtion Menus page in the codex and wonder if I could still get away with somehow creating a button on the interface for Menu Builder they can click, that taking them to my password login for extra security? I don’t really know if that is possible though.

    Its whether or not I can easily add a button to the interface which points to my separate login page that leads to my own created pages.

    Thanks for the feedback, I hadn’t considered the security aspect of it being left open. The owner would consider that critical – imagine if someone wrote garbage in the resaurant menu… thanks.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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