[resolved] create new user with same user name with different password and e mail id (6 posts)

  1. m_trupti
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i want to allow same user name with different password and e-mail id when new user creation but it will give me error like user name already exist try with new user name.
    please give me the solution for this problem.

  2. I've deleted all your other posts, please DO NOT post the same question multiple times, and please don't post it in other people's topics. That's just rude :)

    You cannot have two users with the same username. User names are a 1:1 thing. ONE user name per user. Why would two people need the same user name?

  3. m_trupti
    Posted 4 years ago #

    here in my project customer may be 100 per day and it also may be same name that's why i want to allow same name as customer registration in WordPress plugins of e-commerce.
    hope that you will give me solution for that problem.

  4. User IDs are one per person. You shouldn't ever re-use them.

    You can change display names as you want, but have you ever wondered why companies like, oh, Microsoft or Google create specific, separate, IDs for every person?

    Because you don't use the same ID for two people. That way lies madness. There's no way for the system to know that 'Bob' means Roberta and not Robert, so you have to make 'Bob1' and 'Bob2'.

    It's a technical limitation with computers. Usernames must be unique.

  5. m_trupti
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ok but i have also another problem when customer login for purchase product at that time generate error like object not found error 404

  6. That's a different error, and entirely depends on your ecommerce plugin, so please make a NEW topic and remember to link to the plugin you're using.

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