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  • They will have to be redirected somewhere, but you can create a customized signup page if you wish.

    1. Create a /signup/ page using a page template with as much or as little code as you need from the original wp-signup.php

    2. Add an mu-plugin:

    add_filter( 'wp_signup_location', 'my_signup_page' );
    	function my_signup_page( $location ) {
    		return 'http://www.domainname/signup/';

    Other hints:

    Hey david thanks for the hints ,

    What i am trying to do is allow users to create there blog in 3 step signup process,
    1.choose the site title ,tagline ,blog description as it is now in signup process ,
    2.step 2 is to choose a theme which are enabled in the network,
    3.customize the theme before saving and then if the click save it should create there blog .

    I will try to create the custom signup page can you please tell me how to achieve this step by step sorry i am new to wordpress but i know little php .Thanks again

    Hi david

    Should i create a new folder named mu-plugin and add the code mentioned below in a php file ?

    Hi david ,

    Somehow i have used javascript and mu theme select plugins code and achived first two steps ,is it possible to allow users to make theme customiztion like how they do in step 3 after selecting the theme they are giving an option to cuztomize it ,like that i should do .How to do this ,Can you help me in this ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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