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  • Hi,

    Feels like I’ve worked on ages with my site now and it’s finally coming together.

    I just have one major thing left, and that is this: It’s possible to create your own blog on my website. But my members blogs comes up in a whole new wordpress blog, with its own dashboard and possible to chose a theme and everything. That’s great, but not what I want.

    Is it possible to have the blog “restricted” in any way? That is, they will only be able to post on their site, but not change the theme etc ?

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  • If you only network-enable a single theme, that’ll be the only one they can choose. You can still have additional themes available to specific sites, you just need to enable them on a site-by-site basis.

    Thank you for your reply.

    But still, they have their own access to a dashboard and everything.
    Is there no way for them to post a new post ON my website. Instead of giving them a whole new blog.

    Do you understand my question…. ? I dont know how to explain.

    This would actually help me and I would just disable the blog thing: can I make it possible to let my members, when they post their update, to also post a title and pictures? then it would enough for me.

    What kind of access do you want them to have?

    It’s doable to limit access, but it really depends what you want 🙂

    Remember, Multisite is intended to be their own site, where they can do (almost) everything. They can’t install plugins/themes/edit code, nor can they embed everything (iframes, divs etc), but other than that…

    So list what you want them to be able to do, and we’ll see if we can help you out 🙂

    Thanks for fast answer. Can’t believe how good the support is here 🙂

    I want them to :

    Be able to post. That is posting a post with a title, context, and option to upload image/video.

    And that’s like – pretty much all I want ! If possible they can also change header image and like background color to make it more personal but that’s not even important…

    I would love if it’s possible for them to make a new post ON their site and not in dashboard. (In a similar way I am writing this question right now)

    I just want it to be in a more simple way than them being in dashboard.

    If this is not possible – and I disable the possibility to make new sites – is there any way to make them able to set images and titles on their status update? I found one plugin making it possible to add images etc when posting in a forums, but still on their main profile page they can only update their status with text.

    If nothing of this is possible, can I change how their dashboard look in anyway and only show like, “posts” and that’s it… ?

    Okay, one thing that’s gonna kill you is that being able to edit the themes is currently an admin capability.

    If you just want them to be able to post, then you would want to make them Editors of their own site, not Admins.

    You can use the plugin New Blog Default User Role to force all would-be admins into a different role.

    If you don’t know what role you want to give someone, read up on WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities.

    The other way is to create a special user role for ‘sub Admins’ and push that out to your network. Then you can manually adjust your users as needed.

    I think I’m in love with you! Thank you 🙂 New Blog Default User Role works great! It’s exactly what I want.

    I put the user role to “Author” – but when activating the plugin “Site Creation Wizard” (Allows users to use predefined templates) its sort of overrules the user role and the members have the role as admins again. Why? Is there any other way to decide which kind of template they all should have? (I want them to have the same!)

    The two plugins appear to be stomp all over each other.

    You can use to make new blog defaults, which may help. Just set everyone the same.


    Nothing works. I gave up making a ready theme for every new created blog.

    Instead I’m only having the plugin “New blog default user role” and “Limit Blogs Per User“.

    1) Whatever I do the default user roles doesnt work. Members have access to all the subsites on the website, plus can change their site like if they were administrators. It’s written “role: author” everywhere I think I can manually change, but this doesnt make any difference.

    2) Limit Blogs per user works on the mainsite, but when the user goes to their site it “Create new site!” still shows in the adminbar, but when clicking they just gets redirected to a page that doesnt work.

    What am I doing wrong…

    Those are two separate things. Let’s tackle them one at a time 🙂 I know you need everything done, but if we try and do too many things at once, we get headaches.

    New Blog Default User Role

    Whatever I do the default user roles doesnt work. Members have access to all the subsites on the website, plus can change their site like if they were administrators.

    Turn off ALL plugins.

    Now, members should not have access to all the subsites, except as subscribers. i.e. they can read the site and comment. Is that what you’re seeing?

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