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  1. mikejmcgarr
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello There,

    Im pretty new to vantage and wordpress but I am running a website where Specialists and Businesses within an Industry Market Vertical can List their profiles.I have payment plans set up for 2 options

    Specialists for free

    Businesses Pay an annual membership fee

    I am having trouble with the following:

    1- Problem: When creating a listing from an end user standpoint and they choose a membership option they get directed to the same type of listing form where even if you choose specialist membership they can choose a business listing category which is suppose to be a paid membership.

    Question: How would I be able to set it up where Specialists and Businesses got redirected to a separate create listing form Page with only the categories Specialists should be able to choose and the same for the businesses after the payment is complete.

    2- Problem: From Admin.When I go to create category I created a Category Parent called Specialists and created sub Cats of the different Types of Specialists that can register but when you go to create listing.All categories from both Businesses and Specialists populate the select category area on the form.

    Question: How can I create a simple category drop down box that shows just the categories that are listed for specialists and the same for Businesses and That can also be linked to the various categories.

    *I know about form builder and it seems that I can create a dropdown with that type of info but it doesn't attach to a created Category. It is more less searchable on the website like tags but it wont add to category.

    This is probably simple but css and me really don't go hand in hand and I would rather ask than have my site flatline.:

  2. Spence "The Evil Genius" Forman
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi Mike,
    this is right up my alley to help you fix... ;-)

    Could you please provide the URL of your site so that I can give you exact instructions?


  3. mikejmcgarr
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey Spence,

    Sure thing...

    [ Contact request and details redacted ]

    Best Regards,


  4. Mike? I'm sorry but that level of support is not offered via these forums. It's something that is actively discouraged here.

    If you need that level of support the please consider hiring someone via http://jobs.wordpress.net instead.

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