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    Yes, but it’s important to be clear that this “group” has nothing to do with “field groups” that the plugin uses.

    The “Group” in your setup is just a text field where the person can enter the name of the group. That field can then be used to organize the results. How you do that depends on what you want to show and how.

    The problem with this approach is that if others are expected to be able to choose the same group, they won’t see what the first person typed in, so they my type in something slightly different…then you have a problem because they are both supposed to the the same group.

    It’s best to use a dropdown for something like this, then predefine the groups they may select…but this may not be possible for what you’re trying to do.

    xnau — I’ll try to be more clear about what I’m doing, and then maybe you’ll know if this will work.

    Each year, we have about 12 retreats set up, different weeks, different locations.

    I need a leader to be able to register their church or organization to participate in an event. For instance, the leader will register “First United Methodist Church of Peakland, TX” to attend the retreat July 19-25 in Tappahonnock, VA.

    That leader then needs to register, for instance, 15 individuals under that church for that event. I would need the person to be able to drop-down the entry for that church and then add those people so they are all part of the correct group.

    The leader would need to later go in and add details for some of the individuals, maybe remove a couple of them, maybe add three more, for that church for that event.

    Is that doable?

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    It can be done if those leaders are given WP logins with an Editor role, then they can edit records.

    As to the “group” selector, it’s probably best to have the leaders tell you what their events are, then create a dropdown with all the events so that the participants can select their event from the dropdown when they register.

    Honestly, the plugin is not well suited to event management and registration, so you may want to look for another plugin to handle this.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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