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  • Hello
    this is really something I haven’t found anywhere on the web. I hope someone will help me with a solution.
    I have a website that showcases products.
    a product page should show a product, product information etc etc
    also I want to show different attachments (pdf’s) menu for each page.
    at first I was thinging maybe using WP menus but since I have alot of products I won’t be able to create so many menus. therefore, I am wondering is there is anyway of creating an “empty” menu which I will be able to add attachments (pdf links) from within the page editor. really upload PDF inside the page editor (maybe custom field?..) and add it to the menu from within the page. this way I can create product page, add attachments to the page and basically tell the attachments to appear in that “empty” menu on the side.
    it’s amazing but I couldn’t find a solution to that anywhere.
    can anyone help?


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