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  • MattConlon


    I need to create a couple of pages that display all posts in a certain category. Or if it’s easier, I’ll use tags.

    I’ve found several posts about it, but the all assume a basic knowledge of something at some point, which I do not have.

    I need a dummies guide to created a category page. Something that says “Click here, click there, type this, click there, click here, type this, enter this, type this, click here, click there” as if you’re explaining the process to some half-wit, who is editing his website with both hands tied behind his back, using the Force.

    OK, so I’m a little more savvy than all that, but I’d like a post that doesn’t skip a step… There’s one that came close and said “Grab the ‘pages.php’ and…” well, I couldn’t find it. Maybe I’ve had one to many adult beverages, or maybe I’m just half a moron. Either way, I’m imploring someone’s help here.

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