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  • Is there an easy way to display a map on my WordPress site? I guess I need a HTML5 map in order to support mobile devices.

    Here is what I need with the interactive map: to be zoomed, paned, etc (alike Google Maps) and on this map I want to display some custom regions and pinpoint specific location, and display a speech box alike popup when a pin/button is pushed on the map?

    Any HTML5 compatible interactive map would be recommended for this purpose?

    I know I can do this with some XML-based map and write some of the scripting myself, and maybe using google API. However I need this solution to be very easy so that my assistant (not technical savvy) can also help me to maintain it.

    I tried the iMap’s HTML5 Map software which works pretty close to what I need, however its needs a desktop software. I would prefer a open source solution if possible.

    Compatibility with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad is needed as my blog is visited by users with all types of devices.

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  • Another easy way to display a map on the WordPress site is using of a USA interactive HTML5 map Plugin.

    This plugin allows a user to easily embed a high-quality interactive USA map into the site (or into the blog post) by a few clicks. This map has a wide tunability and also can work on iPad and iPhone which makes a site suitable for mobile devices.



    Please let me know if you find a solution to this. I’ve been on the hunt too. This is the best I’ve come across so far: at least from a user-experience, but I’m not a programmer, so not sure if it meets your specific criteria and it’s not free. Ideally I’m looking for one that will zoom to the city and town levels, not just states and provinces….and free would be better 🙂 at least for now lol.

    I came across It actually has very good interactive HTML5 maps especially this Responsive HTML USA Map

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