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  • I like to create a nice template for my wordpress.

    Is that any good guide beside that wordpress have?

    I easy step by step

    I’m good in HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP and I have found here a list of templete tag but I have a little problem to create a nice templete to my blog

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  • Hire an artist/graphic designer. I have the same qualification as you do, but it’s got nothing to do with creating a nice template.

    Thanks for you replay

    I have a nice design in HTML and CSS right now but I need to put PHP code and that so it works in wordpress.

    I have read a little inside standard template and this place but if that is some more place that I can read to create a good template of my html.

    Lots of good articles and guides: Blog_Design_and_Layout

    Especially Theme_Development, which is a long read but covers the all the ins and outs of creating your own theme (and its templates) for WordPress.

    ok I going to give it a try

    Can someone recommend a very basic template that dont have a lot of php file.

    Classic that comes with the downloaded package has the minimum files. Since v.1.5 we say themes that are built from several files.

    Hmm classic have 7 file. is ok I think
    Default have 17 file and I think that is a little to much.
    I like to take it easy when this is the first time I create a template for pressword.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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