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  • Hi

    It seems that even though I create a new role and give this role all capabilities that the administrators have, then there are still certain things that this new role can’t.

    E.g. This new role can’t make updates. And this new role can’t edit user information on administrators.

    Is there a way to make this new role have exactly the same status as an administrator? Like if this was just an administrator with a certain destinction – like the chairman of a club.

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    Make sure your copied role has the update_core, update_plugins, edit_users, etc. capabilities.

    CME does not have anything to do with the enforcement of capabilities which you store to the role.


    The update_core, update_plugins, edit_users, etc. capabilities are all checked. Actually one of the new roles is simply a copy of the administrator role, without any changes.

    A new role like this is limited, as I mentioned, but it can handle plugins and update though; I was wrong before sorry.
    But e.g. this new role can’t click on another user that is currently administrator and edit this users info.

    Also, this new role can’t delete another role (the “Delete Role” button next to the “Save changes” button is simply not there). Also, this new role can’t view the capabilities of certain other roles, namely the administrator role and it’s own role. These simply don’t appear in the dropdown list in the “Select Role to View / Edit” box in the upper right corner.

    Does this make it clearer, what is going on? It is strange, how I can copy a role, but still get a new role with less access rights.

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    If you are running bbPress, you’ll also have to go to your new Administrators’ Edit User screen and give them a bbPress forum role of Keymaster. Likewise for any other plugin you may be running which adds supplemental roles in the bbPress manner.

    Thanks for the reply. I have no other plugins that interfere with roles or capabilities. Not bbPress, and not any other.

    The most obvious symptom is that a role that is a copy of the administrator role, CAN’T edit user information of administrators, even though the administrator role still can.

    It seems there must be underlying capabilities that are not possible to change with this plugin. Some fundamental capabilities not shown in the plugin’s capabilities page that are unique to administrators no matter what.
    Don’t know what to look for…

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    Make sure your Administrator Copy role is set to level 10. It’s also possible you have some third party code which checks for the ‘administrator’ role/capability directly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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