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  • Good day… I have created a child theme using WP Bootstrap Starter as parent. I would like to create a Preset Style in my child theme, and I am looking for some pointers where to start. Maybe more in general, what is the best way to create a custom style in a child theme using WP Bootstrap Starter as parent?

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  • Same thing here, i just had a look into the code.

    I added a new line for my custom theme in :

    - /inc/extras.php
    - /inc/customizer.php

    I created a file mytheme.css in :
    - /inc/assets/css/presets/theme-option/mytheme.css

    But i can’t have my theme in the “Preset Style” dropdown list in the customizer.

    PS : all themes come from a site named bootswatch

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    Hi @jooplaan,

    I think you could start by selecting your preset style on the customizer then update or override the preset CSS by adding it on the style.css file on the child theme. You could also try this child theme

    For @jguiss,

    Apologies but please contact bootswatch support with regard to your concern.

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    Thanks @afterimagedesigns for your reply.

    Guess this turns into a feature request. It would be great if we can filter the Preset Styles (style and typography) in the child theme that are available to the theme user. If we can remove styles (now hard-coded in the parent theme) and add styles from the child theme, it will give more flexibility to theme builders as we can keep the customizations in code. Thanks again for your work. 🙂

    Not sure if i was well understood.

    I believed that Joop Laan wanted to build his own “preset style” and he would have liked to have it on the customizer drop down list.

    I tried to add my “custom.css”, i forked the “lux.css” theme. After no need to override with the style.css of my child theme, i just need to edit the “custom.css” i made.

    But with the things i detailed above, i can’t manage to have my “custom.css” in the dropdown list.

    I don’t need to contact Bootswatch, since i need nothing from them. How do you populate the drop down list?

    Thanks and sorry if i am too much lost 😉

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    Hi @jooplaan and @jguiss,

    To @jooplaan, I’m not sure if this featured request will be applied on the theme since the theme is focused on making it lightweight. Adding more options and features will affect the speed of the theme. Though all styling can be overridden and even removed from and using the child theme.

    To @jguiss, apologies for the misunderstanding but to be able to add a new preset, you will need to modify the parent theme but you could always create a new customizer option for this, I found some articles that might help with your concern

    You could also check the /inc/customizer.php if this is the code you’re looking for.

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    Thanks @afterimagedesigns!

    I did it in the parent theme instead of the child theme and it’s works well!
    I now have my own preset style 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome starter theme and for your time!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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