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  • I’m finding all the instructions incomprehensible. Here are the instructions for installing and my questions:
    1. Make sure your host meets the requirements. Also, have a database ready with proper username and password.
    What does “have a database ready with proper username and password” mean? I’ve looked at the ” Using phpMyAdmin” section and it assumes that you know how to use it. For example, it says there, ” If a database relating to WordPress does not already exist in the Database dropdown on the left, create one.” What Database drop-down?” How do I get into phpMyAdmin? I know it’s on my Web host’s server, because I have a folder named that, but I don’t know how to use it. Why give instructions for installing that assume I know how to use this stuff?

    2. Unzip the package you downloaded.
    OK, understand that!

    3. Open up wp-config-sample.php and fill in your database details. Save and rename the file to wp-config.php.
    I don’t understand this. In a text editor? Notepad? Wordpad? Locally?

    4. Upload all the files to your webhost
    In a folder? Can I name the folder anything?

    5. Run the installation file. Relative to where you uploaded the files, it’ll be in wp-admin/install.php.
    How do I “run” it?


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  • Does your host offer Cpanel for adminstration on your site? If so, you can install WP using Fantastico…. which obviates the necessity to mess with #s 1 through 4.

    #5. Open a browser and in the addy bar, type http://yourdomainname/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php, and hit the enter key…. (in that example, replace “yourdomainname” with your site’s full domain name, and “wordpress” with whatever the folder is called where wordpress is installed).

    1. When a database is created – either by you or your host – it will have
    a) a name
    b) a user
    c) a password for that user
    How to access your MySQL database through phpMyAdmin — should be in the instructions your host gave you when setting up your account.

    3. Locally, i.e. on your computer edit that file in a text editor

    4. You can upload it in a folder or to the root of your site – depending on where you wish to have your blog. You can give any name to that folder. Warning: Do not upload the “wordpress” folder that contains all teh files and subfolders, just the files and the subfolders from it.

    5. “Run” means to type into the address line of your browser the … and hit Enter.

    Thanks for trying to help, but I so feel Ellen’s frustration. My host didn’t tell me anything except how to upload my files. I took a quick course on-line about how to create a database with SQL, but still have no idea where I would type in all the cool stuff I learned.

    If I can’t create a database, because I can’t open an SQL editor, or whatever its called, then how do I create a name, a user and a password? Can someone please explain like your talking to someone that doesn’t know anything, cause as far as I’m concerned, you are.

    I’ve spent hours on this today and I’m very frustrated. WordPress got a really good review on, but I’m starting to think I made a huge mistake in believing that this is something I can use with my limited knowledge. If that is the case, please let me know.


    My host didn’t tell me anything except how to upload my files.

    That’s quite a lousy job on their behalf. Do you have any kind of user interface (e.g. cPanel) for interacting with your site? Any kind of admin panel? If they offer MySQL database included in your hosting account there should be a way how to access it.
    First thing to check: do you have database for your hosting account? I have seen several cases when people tried to install WP but actually they didn’t have a database in their account…

    I’m trying to set this up on Charter. They offer you webspace and they say it will support mySQL and PHP, but they offer no support. They offer the free webspace only as a courtesy, what you do with it is up to you. So no control panel, only a directory.

    I plan to move all this to an Ariadomain website IF they ever get my web hosting activated. I just downloaded PHP and if I click on it, it opens a blank box. Is that where I type in the commands to make my database?

    Thanks for your patience and response,

    I don’t know what is “Charter” (except when it comes to planes 🙂
    You do not need to download PHP. The requirements are for the server where you are hosted, not for your personal computer.

    To be honest I am totally dumb when it comes about dealing with my site without a user interface, that’s why I use a host that offers cPanel, phpMyAdmin and all the other goodies. I know there are ways to create a DB with some command lines, but that for me is totally above my understanding.

    Thank you so much for trying to help. I suppose I’ll just have to wait until I get my other website and work through it then. BTW, Charter is an internet and cable TV provider.

    Have a lovely evening,

    You are welcome and, please, don’t hesitate to come back when you get installed and need help with WP.

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