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  • What on earth got into the minds of the WordPress developers with the product development cycle for version 3.7? Do these guys realise how long it takes webmasters with multiple WP sites to save the databases, save all the files, update the version and re-save everything (which with no rollback option is the best way of ensuring smooth problem-solving if the update breaks anything). I’ll let you know – it takes a long time.

    So, WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 was released on 28 September, Beta 2 on 10 October, RC on 18 October, RC2 on 23 October and, a whole day later, on 24 October, 3.7 “Basie” emerged.

    Then on 29 October 3.7.1 was released, with mods such as “Images with captions no longer appear broken in the visual editor”. Shouldn’t something as fundamental as this have been noticed in testing? So, just 5 days after a release, I and others have to go through the whole process again.

    When 3.7 Beta 1 was released, the comment on the news page was “For WordPress 3.7 we decided to shorten the development cycle”. Well thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed your short development cycle. It has been a complete pain in the neck for some of us.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Is this thread regarding automatic updates? If so, those can be disabled.

    Thanks for the link Andrew, very interesting, but no, this thread is about the reduction of the product development cycle for the version in question, resulting in insufficient testing and the release of a product that just wasn’t ready. As a result, there was a great deal more work for those who maintain multiple websites and who make safety backups on each release to avoid problems if the update goes wrong or breaks the site in some way.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Are you working with some sort of version control and do you have local installations of your sites?

    Nope, no version control. I’m not sure what you mean by “local installations” – all the sites are hosted on public-facing servers, the physical files and databases of which are all backed up on a local private machine.

    You do have yoru server backed up don’t you? And I don’t mean on your local machine, I mean some real automated full-machine backup system (R1Soft as an example)?

    As far as what Andrew was saying about local installations, a lot of devleopers (me included) have local copies of every site so we can apply updates, do changes, etc to make sure that they will be OK on the live site before any changs are made there.

    I do understand that there’s a lot of work to do when updates come out in short succession like this, but that’s the nature of this beast. It’s possible that it could be a lot worse.

    If you need better control, I would strongly suggest looking at a good source/version control system. This will make your life a lot easier and simplify how updates are done as well as giving you another form of backup (and you can never have to many backups!). If you do chages and updates through a central source repository, then you know exactly where everything is at any time, and you have complete contorl over what’s happening. The best part (for me at laest) is that performing updates on a site come down to one command done on the servers command line. That’s all, so it’s quick and very very simple. There’s various systems out there, and some have features that others don’t. You should look at some that include database control as well, but these are a bit harder to find, and most are commercial rather then FOSS.

    As someone who only knows how to copy-and-paste, I use a live sandbox site that can crash as often as it might with no great loss to test updates before allowing or applying any updates at my other sites, and my plan is to let even “bleeding edge” updates run automatically there just as soon as I figure out how to do that. I cannot run with the big dogs, but the porch is not going to fall on me!

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