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    Hi! My name is Richarley and I’m from Brazil. I have a big problem now with my blog (that i was still working and making some tests before let people know about): .

    I have been seeing a weird style in some texts of my page for a while, so after reading a bit from your docs about the “Reading Options SubPanel” I decided to try changing the page encoding format from utf-8 to utf-16, and everything gone crazy, with some crazy chinese like symbols and because of that I just can’t change anything. My homepage and my admin panel are down now. I just tried to re-upload all my files, but the problem persists. I just don’t know what i can do know…

    Please help me!

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  • I have no idea where did you read to change it to utf-16. Don’t mess with things you don’t understand!

    Can you login? If you manually overwrite the charactyer encoding in your browser (View > Encoding) you can access the pages. Change it back immediately to utf-8.

    You can never change encoding on an existing blog!

    No, I can’t login… everything is down! 🙁

    The last option would be to go to your database via phpMyadmin and in the wp_options table (or whatever your prefix is) find the blog_charset row and edit it manually back to UTF-8.

    It worked!! But not on wp-options (that was ok, with UTF-8), but on richarley_options (where i found the blog_charset row with UTF-16). Thanks a lot!!

    And when you edit your sidebar.php file make sure you save it with the right encoding (utf-8). Even Notepad has that option > Save As… look at the bottom.

    THAT is the reason you have crappy characters in your sidebar: it is always the user, not the script.

    Well, not everyone have to know about this encoding thing. Now that you said to me i just saved with the right encoding with Notepad, but this option doesn’t appear to me using the dreamweaver. By the way, utf-8 is my default encoding there too, but to know that i had to see at the program preferences…

    DW should be used only in code mode – otherwise it will screw up your WP files.

    (and I posted about saving the files with proper encoding zillion times…)

    Sorry, but today was the first time that i visited this forum… Well, at least you help me to solve my problem.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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