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    The developer seems to lack giving any instructions beyond a video which is hopeless.
    Why not give an example, and CSS classes we can copy & paste into buttons or text?

    This really deserves 5 stars, but get 4 stars because of lack of decent instructions.

    I don’t have the patience to watch a video and pause, type out a class when I want to create my own widget or place it in a page and NOT a menu.

    A real shame since 30 seconds of the developer writing instructions is all it would need.

    Anyway, in it’s very basic form you can do this:
    <span class=”afr-normal”>A</span>
    <span class=”afr-large”>A</span>
    <span class=”afr-xlarge”>A</span>

    But then you’d need to make your own CSS for styling the cursor, and sizes of those 3 A’s if you want it too look good. Why doesn’t this plugin have it?

    Right now, I’m adding my own shortcode and using this plugin core to make my own version!

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  • Plugin Author Maxime Jobin



    I’m sorry to read the instructions were not clear enough.

    This started as a project for a client which I decided to give back to the community. Then, this “1 hour” sub-project to give back was transformed into many hours to create a settings page, create the plugin, create the “read me” file, translate it to english, give support, do a video…

    … and it seems like it’s not enough. I’m truly sorry you don’t have the patience to watch the free video I made so you can use this plugin for free.

    I’ll add your code to the instructions.

    Someone told me I should not release this project as it would backfire. Maybe I should have kept it for me.

    If you code something nice, you can submit a pull requrest here:

    Think twice before publishing the code you make… giving stuff for free can backfire.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Hi Maxime,

    Sorry if I sounded like I didn’t appreciate your plugin, I do, and I know some work has gone into this and I appreciate you’ve shared it, I’m just shocked at not having an simple CSS examples for the average user for those wanting to use it straight after installing.
    Hence 4-stars, it’s still very good, I am using it and will learn how to use Github to consider adding what I’ve done.

    For anyone else wanting a bit of CSS, here’s what I use:

    #textresizer {float:right;}
    .textresize1 {font-size:20px; cursor:pointer;margin:2px;}
    .textresize2 {font-size:25px; cursor:pointer;margin:2px;font-weight: 600;}
    .textresize3 {font-size:33px; cursor:pointer;margin:2px;font-weight: 600;}

    And although I made my own shortcode, it simply outputs this:

    <div id="textresizer">
    <span class="afr-normal textresize1">A</span>
    <span class="afr-large textresize2">A</span>
    <span class="afr-xlarge textresize3">A</span>

    And this wonderful plugin does the rest!

    Plugin Author Maxime Jobin


    I’ve added the code in the support thread.

    Thank you.

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