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  • jnhghy


    Interesting issue, if you make changes to the new pages, are this changes visible?
    If you go to wp-admin->Appearance->editor underneath the editor box do you have an update button? or you only have a codex refferance?
    I’m not sure but this maight sound as an permission issue, pls make the upper verification and post back 🙂

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)


    You’re using WP-Cache or WP-Super-Cache. When you make a change like this, you need to clear the cache to see the change take effect.



    so WP-cache plugin is installed, but NOT activated. Not sure what would be causing these caching issues, but the other weird thing is that even when I try to access the site on multiple browsers, I see things differently on each, even if the site has not been accessed before in a long time (and accessing a cache)

    the site looks fine now across all pages, but super annoying since the changes take so long to take effect you can’t really see if things are looking correct or not. ugh.

    anything besides wp-cache that could be causing this issue? That plugin seems so contratictory to it’s purpose haha – the client installed it in efforts to speed up load times of the site, but the issue is that it’s SO content heavy and so many plugins / signups, scripts are on that site, it’s a mess to load for a browser…. I think, at least.

    Oh, and yes, direct database content changes (adding a post, page, etc) take effect immediately, but anything modified directly to the site (css changes, plugin mods, etc) take forever to actually see, and are wonky at that since some changes take effect on certain pages, others are ignored…



    Note: sort of resolved this issue by re-enabling the wp-cache plugin (when you delete it the site crashes anyways, so might as well include it) and then manually going into plugin settings and deleting cache each time to make changes apparent across all pages of site.

    Just wanted to post in case some sorry soul comes across this bizarre issue like I did.

    thanks for the help

    I actually had to register to this forum to get teh chance and say THANK YOU mixmastermichael. I had never heard of WP Super Cache but it has caused many frustrated hours (only today though). Thank you for coming back and post your response. Grateful to you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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