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  • Since nearly mone month ago (when on 2.7), my admin panel showed a very strange phenomenon.

    When I logged into the admin panel using IE, it hang there and died, nothing happened. When on FF, chrome, I loged in, but very strangely the admin panel loaded multiple times inside the same windoe, each admin panel of them inside the first one ! And here, none of the admin sections worked, all links keep redirecting to the admin panel index.

    Since a week ago, while the first problem persisted, the index used to load, but posts/pages/archives/cats links brought into 404 page.

    A day ago, even the index started not to load and bring completely blank screen. When logged into the admin panel, it succeeded, but after that I get “not authorized to view this page”.

    I dont know what to do !!

    Before the last problem, tried to recognize if a plugin causes the problems of 1 and 2 , and started disabling them by renaming their folders in the ftp (because I couldnt use the admin panel). When I renamed that of “WP-Super-Cashe” , the blog’s index didnt show up at all, despite the plugin is originally inactive since the past before any of the problems occured. This might not be related, but it is worth mentioning.

    THANX !!!

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    If it’s related to the wp-super-cache plugin you could try contacting the author of that plugin.

    Otherwise try to think back to what you may have done last before it stopped working.

    Thanx !!!

    Even if it is realted to that plugin.. I deleted that plugin anyway. I deleted its folder from the FTP. It didnt help. I assumed it still contain information in the DB or something rather than the ftp files, which causes the problem to persist.
    After deleting its folder, I reuploaded it, but that didnt fix the problem either.

    I will follow your advice and contact its author though

    Thanx again !


    I should say I did all that the uninstallation instructions of WP-Super-Cache provided by its author (who didnt reply to me yet), at this link


    After completely uninstalling super cache, which didnt help much, I tried reverting back to an older DB, and that made it. My wordpress is now working great. Even the problem the admin panel when used to hang and multiply inside itself is now resolved too. I guess it is all the fault of the super cache damn pluggin.

    i just remain with the strange issue of Adsense.. Here

    Actually the problem of the admin panel hasnt been resloved yet. I dont know what is wrong. But sometimes, the admin panel just lags in there without loading at all in IE, while in FF , look how crazy it gets, as the panel is loaded several times inside the same window !

    If I try to acess any of the admin sections through the wp-admin/index.php, I get redirected to the same buggy main admin page. If I acess it directly without the index.php (eg: wp-admin/comments.php) it loads seuccessfuly. So what is the problem here ??

    An Update.

    I noticed that the problem occurs only when accessing the admin panel through wp-admin/index.php . If I access it through wp-admin/ only, everything is perfect !

    I didnt know that I can access the admin panel through the url wp-admin/ only. I thought the only way is through the wp-admin/index.php/(whatever section of the admin panel).

    But the index.php of the wp-admin should work too. why does it cause the admin panel to lagg like that ?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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