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  • Hello to all.

    I used xcloner to move a website up to the top level. When I did this, I made a new database (Yes, I am an idiot) and now I have my site trying utilize two databases. I have cleared the caches and tried different browsers. I do not have a working cache plugin on the site itself.

    in wp-config it says it’s using the old database but when I threw in a database plugin it brings up that it’s using the new database.

    One thing is when I update certain widgets, it saves, but it will not show on the website. Another definite problem is that it kept trying to go down a level to the old /site so I tried to change the menus to custom so it would stay up on the top level and that doesn’t work so I know it’s working with both databases, unfortunately.

    can anybody understand my rambling here and if so, any ideas on how to fix? Also.. I’m scared to death because I don’t know what is using which database and if I delete one, I may lose a bunch of info. The good news is that the site isn’t that big at all and I can save the info that’s in it. I’d like to not have to redo the whole thing.

    Only I could get myself into such a mess. =]

    Any help would rock but I totally understand if this is hard to conceive.


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