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  • Resolved Peter Ricci


    I am hosting with WP Engine and this plugin makes so many calls to the WooCommerce API that every client is being blacklisted from their own websites after they log in and then thinking that their website is down and annoying me.

    Uninstalling this everywhere and warning all of my clients not to add it. Thank you Woo for making my weekend all about fixing your screw ups.

    Fix it immediately and test stuff out thoroughly before suggesting people add it after upgrading your other plugins.

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  • Same Problem here as well, i could not even deactivate the plugin. i had to call my tech guy on his holiday. i have no idea how much he is gonna charge me for that. he removed it somehow and rolledback the Woocommerce and Paypal Plus plugin to an older version.

    Plugin Author psealock


    Thanks @peterricci for logging this problem.

    This looks an awful lot like an issue recently seen and logged. You can follow along with the progress here,

    Plugin Author Timmy Crawford


    @peterricci apologies again that you encountered this issue. We have a fix that went out in the latest release ( v0.13.0 ) that should remedy the problem described.



    Hey @timmydcrawford

    I do not believe simply updating to v0.13.0 resolved the issue unfortunately. I am still seeing this issue on sites where there is tons of requests being made almost constantly to these endpoints. Do we think there may be something else needing to happen during the update process such as clearing a database table to anything? Here is the access logs from one site from just today on number of requests made.:

    Plugin: woocommerce-admin Version: 0.13.2

    49151 /wp-json/wc/v4/products?low_in_stock=true&page=1&per_page=1&status=publish&_locale=user
    49151 /wp-json/wc/v4/admin/notes?order=desc&orderby=date&page=1&per_page=1&type=info%2Cwarning&_locale=user
    49150 /wp-json/wc/v4/reports/orders?page=1&per_page=0&status_is%5B0%5D=processing&status_is%5B1%5D=on-hold&_locale=user
    49150 /wp-json/wc/v4/admin/notes?page=1&per_page=25&status=unactioned&type=error%2Cupdate&_locale=user
    49144 /wp-json/wp/v2/users/me?context=edit&_locale=user

    And another site on a separate server:

    Plugin: woocommerce-admin Version: 0.13.2

    101794 /wp-json/wc/v4/admin/notes?page=1&per_page=25&status=unactioned&type=error%2Cupdate&_locale=user
    101759 /wp-json/wc/v4/reports/orders?page=1&per_page=0&status_is%5B0%5D=processing&status_is%5B1%5D=on-hold&_locale=user
    101728 /wp-json/wc/v4/admin/notes?order=desc&orderby=date&page=1&per_page=1&type=info%2Cwarning&_locale=user
    101712 /wp-json/wc/v4/products?low_in_stock=true&page=1&per_page=1&status=publish&_locale=user

    @timmydcrawford @psealock I\tha ks for updates, I will wait until things settle down here before enabling it again, cost me about a week of my life – I won’t risk that again.

    Plugin Support Hari Shanker R


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hey @peterricci

    Thanks for letting us know. I hope you’ll be able to give it a try sometime in future to see if the problems have resolved. You can always reach out to us here with any questions you may have.


    Thanks for sharing those logs to us. Can you try updating to the latest version of WooCommmerce Admin – 0.15.0 – to see if that resolves the problem?

    Let us know if you still keep seeing these access logs.



    Hey @harishanker This is much better and no longer causing any issues on this end after updating the plugin. Thank you so much for the reply!

    Plugin Support Hari Shanker R


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Glad to hear that, @patrickwalker!

    I’m marking this thread as resolved, for now. Please feel free to reach out to us if the problems persist. We’re happy to help!

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