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  • I loaded p3 on our server last week – latest WP, Windows, XAMP, 8GB RAM, 4 quad dedicated….

    Some of the scans took a while and overloaded the server but I ran them after hours. We did have server crashes for sure – so watch what you are scanning. I had to deactivate half the plugins at a time to get it to work right.

    But after unistall I am having MAJOR issues. It is running a cron job after the uninstall. I uninstalled all the P3 files and deleted the database entries however I keep getting three entries in my database (seems once a week).

    1. cron – which has a very very very long script I can’t even copy here and writes HUGE lines to my PHP logs everytime someone hits the page (which the php logs cause crash).
    2. _transient_doing_cron – which has the transient id
    3. p3_notices – which has error notices

    If I delete these three entries they come back – after I uninstalled all P3 files! So until someone can tell what is going on this plugin should be considered a virus and I will alert There is no way there should be a plugin that can write to your database after uninstall – especially if it causes crashes.

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  • I just installed it and ran it for the first time, it crashed my server. I deleted the plugin folder from FTP, and now the server is back online.

    Did you still see the three entries popping up by themselves? How did it go?

    This is like the worst and most dangerous plugin I’ve ever tried.

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