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  • Fixed in 1.5.2, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Now it doesn’t connect to my server:

    But yet Simple Plugin List (Below) shows it online. I want to get rid of this because it looks like crap and is very difficult to edit the way it looks.

    you are connecting to, what port if minequery on 25566?

    My minequery port is 8443…

    I’m getting a 500 internal server error

    Then how do explain the other status plugin working?
    My server has firewalls up the arse, it only accepts connections to that port for minecraft data, it wont work on a browser.

    Try to get on minecraft and connect to that port, it will let you login.

    I changed my server query port to 25565 (which is port forwarded) and your plugin still cannot get the server status from my server.

    I also tried changing the host to:

    Nothing works… So there is obviously something wrong with the plugin’s code.

    I’m not getting issues from other users. This must be something on your server, I’m sorry

    I will stick to a plugin that works then, i hate plugin developers like you who refuse to fix their shit.

    The 2 plugins im using right now are separate but they both work, yours not working but these 2 are proves its your plugin at fault not mine.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Weustink


    Lovely attitude, good luck with the other plugins. Why did you try this one is you already have 2 working plugins.

    Because yours is all in one, the 2 I’m using are separate. I was hoping yours would do both of their jobs together not separately. Apparently i had my hopes too high.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Weustink


    Ok, problem is solved. I have made a new 2.0 version it supports Minecraft Query and Minequery. I checked your settings and getting data when using the Minecraft Query server. Can you check it and tell me if it’s working?

    Alright it shows as online but why does the player list not only show the minotaur icons and show the username when you hover over them. This saves a lot of space on the sidebar. Is there any way to do this?

    Plugin Author Jeroen Weustink


    This is not a option yet. I will look into it. The minotar service is a little bit unstable lately. That’s why it’s in beta. I will release a new version later today.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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