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    Till yesterday I would have rated this plugin 5 stars.

    But this morning I received a notice that my site crashed. Fortunately, WordPress now has a recovery scheme that deactivated MetaSlider and made it possible to log in. Whenever I try to activate it again the site goes wild and I must restart the recovery.

    I am using version 3.8.12 and my site is WordPress 5.5.1-fr_FR. I reinstalled WordPress to be sure.

    Now I need to find a more reliable option and reconstruct all slideshows!

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  • Hi,

    Can you describe the error? We haven’t had any errors reported lately so any information you can provide I can assist. I’d hate for you to have to delete all your slideshows!

    Did you see an error message?

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    Sorry for reporting an error here, I haven’t found a place for getting assistance. As suggested I will certainly raise my evaluation to 5 stars once the site starts working again…

    This morning I received a warning that my site https://michel-touret.fr/ had crashed when trying to load MetaSlider. When attempting to display the site or to login it displayed a message (in the site’s language) translating as:
    “A critical error has occurred on your site. Please check your site administration email inbox for more information.” That’s all.
    Then I received a mail with a link allowing me to login in WordPress’ recovery mode and telling that it had crashed when trying to load MetaSlider. Following the link I get access and the recovery process tells that it deactivated MetaSlider. If I try to reactivate it I am back to square 1.
    At the moment I have reproduced the crash, so you can see by yourself…
    I have done nothing on this site that might explain this problem. It is not unlikely that WordPress was automatically updated last night, so that 5.5.1 created the conditions of the problem.
    Please send me an email so that we can communicate and try to sort this out!

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    It’s impossible to help unless I can get a clearer error message. Are you familiar with enabling debugging on WordPress? If you enable debugging now you might see some errors before updating. Those errors might provide some clues.

    Also, times in the past when people have reported a big crash like that, it was because their server was out of disk space, so the install failed mid way. Can you just rule that out?

    Finally, if you have FTP access, you can simply delete the metaslider folder, download it from wp.org and upload it directly via FTP. There is no risk to your slideshows, and if there is a crash with debugging enabled, you will hopefully see good error message. To disable a plugin quickly, you can also just change the folder name on the server (also with FTP).

    Also, just want to point out that I’m going to help you whether you leave a 1 star or 5 star review. That doesn’t change how I communicate here.

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    Good news: the ftp replacement was successful. Thanks for suggesting it — I was afraid of deleting data!

    Congratulations for immediate and efficient support!

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