• Need better instructions on using the checkboxes. Logged in as Super Admin, set a few checkboxes, and attempted to add a new user so I could see what was affected. Now I have an “Error establishing a database connection” error and may need to reconstruct my site. Even the “Back” button will not work.

    Have deleted the plugin from /mu-plugins folder, but still broken.

    Major disappointment for what was expected to be a simple plugin.

    EDIT; Mayhaps I rushed to judgement. Problem seems to have cleared up. Will put at 5 for now so as not to skew the ratings if I was wrong. I will come back if the problem returns and can be traced to the plugin.

    EDIT-EDIT: So, big apologies here. Seems one of my sites in my cPanel WHM account was having the xmlrpc.php file attacked by an ip address from Quebec. Ah, those Quebecois! Blocked the ip and will monitor. Hate to block all them there Canadiens, so we’ll see what happens. Leaving rating at five stars.

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  • Plugin Author David Sader


    “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in this plugin, Horatio.”


    Seriously, glad to here you learned to recover your site.

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