• I installed this plug in. It did not quite do what I wanted with a rating system. I deactivated the plugin but did not remove files.
    Next time I tried to login into the wp-admin panel, I could not access it. I had to directly edit the php file in wp-content by renaming the plugin. The site was running a woo themes maintenance page – See you later that may or may not have complicated the issue.

    My opinion – if you deactivate a plugin it should stop all interaction with the site. There are plenty of other rating plugins. I went against my general practice of only using plugins downloaded several thousand times, a practice I will not part from again.

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  • Plugin Author Igor Yavych


    If you deactivate it, it obviously stops any interaction. (If you used manual insertion method, you really want to delete <?php echo spr_show_rating();?> where ever you added it. Quite obvious thing). Deactivation/Activation is handled by WordPress itself. I have no clue what you did there or what even caused your problems. I can’t read your mind you know. One thing I’m sure of – it wasn’t caused by my plugin.
    Also, if you have any suggestions like “what you wanted with a rating system”, feel free to let me know .

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