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  • I tried this plugin on one of my high traffic sites.

    For some reason, the plugin kept prompting me to allow access to my admin account in order to use all of the features.

    Suspiciously, but reluctantly I agreed.

    Five minutes later my server crashed. Rebooted the server and it came back to life.

    However I tried the plugin on another site, and it broke the theme.

    Suffice it to say, I’ve now deleted the plugin from both sites.

    My advice – avoid this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author 99robots


    Hello – I see you left a 1-star review without asking for assistance. We would have been happy to help you get this free plugin setup had there been additional information provided.

    1) You mentioned “For some reason, the plugin kept prompting me to allow access to my admin account in order to use all of the features.” ==> We’re not sure what you are referring to as there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER that the plugin needs your wp admin credentials. So please review it again when you have a moment as we would appreciate this statement be corrected so as to not mislead other users. The plugin is stand-alone and all features are included. There’s no limitation. Are you sure you are not referring to another third party plugin?

    2) You further stated “However I tried the plugin on another site, and it broke the theme.” – – > Given the plugin has zero to do with theme appearance and has zero front-end functionality, and we have never once received such an inquiry, please allow us to investigate this further by providing the name of the ‘theme’ you had and we’ll have our team test it on that specific theme. In short, the plugin has no front end functionality so it is not likely to ever break a theme. Therefore, it’s important to us to validate such statements if they are true.

    Thank you.

    Thread Starter HillofBeans


    I’ve built over 300 WordPress sites, with dozens of themes and hundreds of different plugins.

    When I’m looking for new functionality, I undertake extensive research, first into the open source options, and then the premium options.

    Simply speaking, I seek out products that just work – ie the best ui, the best feature set, the best compatibility with other software.

    I evaluated your plugin and whilst I liked the feature set, it caused me serious problems as described above. Whether the problems are to do with theme/plugin conflicts, database/plugin conflicts, cache/plugin conflicts, CSS/conflicts, I’m not really that concerned.

    I don’t have time to mess around these days. I just need things to work. I don’t have the time resources or inclination to send you server logs, or disable every single plugin on my site just to troubleshoot the problem.

    I don’t have any exotic configurations or unusual plugins on my sites. I use the leading brands ie Yoast, W3 Cache Gravity Forms etc

    The main point is, however, when I removed your plugin, all the problems went away.

    So I’m now using one of your competitor’s products because it ‘just works’ – even though your feature set is slightly better.

    I’m not making any of this up. This is life in the real world.

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