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    The plugin crashes on mobile devices, it will load then after a few seconds will crash and close the browser.

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  • danlester


    Thank you for your post – sorry to hear of this problem.

    Please would you be kind enough to send me an email so we can diagnose further?

    Email contact@wp-pdf.com.

    Please send a link to the page on your site containing the embedded PDF, and also let me know the device and browser versions you are using.

    I may not pick up any replies here.



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    I sent you an email, thanks!

    Same problem here. Plugin crashes mobile.
    In Chrome inspect i find this warning “The provided value ‘moz-chunked-arraybuffer’ is not a valid enum value of type XMLHttpRequestResponseType”
    Not sure if this has something to do with it.


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    Hi Bert, try reducing the PDF file size and upload again.

    That does not work. Pdf file is just 265kb.
    Tried another plugin ‘pdf viewer’ and that one works just fine, but i like pdf embedder better.

    oke, pdf viewer has also the same warning in chrome inspect, so we can rule that one out, because that plugin works like it should

    Please could you send details (especially a link, and details of the mobile device and browser) to our support team: contact@wp-pdf.com.

    For future reference for others, this tool works well for compressing PDFs:


    This can certainly help if the mobile device just isn’t powerful enough to cope, but I agree it is likely to be the problem in your case.

    We may not pick up replies on the forum here.



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    Ok let me know of the fix if you get any.

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