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    Horrible. Tried several times on my own wordpress site. Crashes your site, not compatible with responsive themes. Even when you use their own.

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    Hi petraforu,

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Regarding the crash – can you indicate which version of PHP, WordPress and the plugin you were using?

    Could you also elaborate on the issues you were seeing with the themes?

    Issues? I am not here to help your beta testing for you for free.

    It takes too much of my time to list them all here. Most error have to do with styling, even when I downloaded your own templates. Property photos show up all over your screen from top left to bottom. Breaks the menu, so when scrolling down on a page, the header menu of the theme shows up in the middle. Its really a mess and i gave up, even trying your blueprint

    I tried latest WP version before the 3.6 update.
    PHP 5.4x
    and tried on local host 5.2x

    Further more, your online help is not up to date. Links do not work, or refer to an older version of your plugin. It does not explain anything, and i have set up more than a 100 RETS sites.

    The wordpress placester backend is very confusing and mixing old not being used features with new.
    -When you subscribe to import an MLS datafeed, does the plugin import the listings into my wordpress site and ads them as property post types?
    -The draw map / shortcode does not work. After you finished it, you can not edit it anymore.

    Missing features
    – social login
    – auto update emails for users (price change or property , saved searches and so on)

    You are welcome.

    Oh, and several times it completely crashed my site.

    All the best

    I would really like to see how we can solve this. We have more than 66,000 downloads plus another 80,000 sites running it without these issues, but getting you up and running is very important to us. Perhaps you can post a screenshot of what you are seeing or let us visit a site that is having the problem. You can send me an email at mwilliams at placester dot com if you don’t want to post that here, or we can do it in the open. Both are fine. Alternatively, send me an email and I’ll setup a GoToMeeting session to answer all the questions.

    I would love to find out which articles in the online help are not up to date. I know many are very new and would like to target any out of date ones for updates.

    What part of the map is not editable. Perhaps we can cover that on a call if you want to do that.

    I am interested in hearing more about your need for social login. Are there particular social platforms you would find useful to support as alternate login methods. We wouldn’t want to replace the existing login as we would lose a huge number of users who don’t use those platforms.

    I definitely want to find out about any actual crashes of the site. That is very disturbing and we need to solve that if it is happening for you.



    It also crashed my site. i used columbus and i crashed my wordpress. nothing works now.

    Ak, I would love to hear more about this “crash”. Can we get on the phone or discuss via email?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Matt? Contact details posted here are really drowned upon. Can you provide a URL so that Ak can contact you instead?

    AK, please post a message on this URL : https://placester.com/contact/ and mention you are AK on the WP Support forum and that you need to talk to me and we can sync up.

    I don’t have time to educate you on your own platform. I already spend way too much time on it. I suggest you try it all out yourself. Also you do not answer my questions. It is impossible that you have all these sites running without problems. I know what i am talking about with RETS platforms. I guess they run on your platform/servers, not on self hosted platforms.

    Good luck to you.


    It really is unfortunate that you experienced enough of a problem to warrant the level of disappointment you have, though thankfully its not enough to spend the extra few minutes to let us help you get up and running. We really would love to help you get it functioning just like it is on many thousands of systems we don’t control. While there have been a few minor issues brought up by customers, they are all resolved within a few days of asking us about it.

    If you don’t want to contact us to try to resolve this, that’s fine, we are all busy. I’ll be recording some videos of the entire process of setting up WordPress and the plugin on different hosting providers our customers use, such as Heroku, Rackspace, Amazon, and more over the next few weeks. We will even do it with some of the bare bones providers out there too.

    I have one video coming out today or tomorrow which will show you how to use our plugin’s shortcodes to convert the popular AgentPress theme to work with a Placester backend. The entire process takes much less than an hour, though I squeezed the video down to about 4 minutes. The video is done, I just need to write up the instructions so that you can recreate the process. Look to the Latest News section at https://placester.com/developers/ for more on that.

    Again, we are really sorry to hear that you cannot get this working on your site. Anytime you are ready to spend an extra few minutes to get it working perfectly, just let us know. You will have our undivided attention just like all of our customers…




    I know this thread is pretty old, but I have to chime in and say that I, too, have had nothing but trouble. I’ve tried installing the Columbus theme, which was alright until I installed the plug-in. I’ve been in contact with support numerous times, and while the agent was very kind, it seemed like things just kept getting worse and worse. My site is such a mess now, I’m about ready to erase absolutely everything and start completely from scratch. It’s a shame because I liked your theme, but it’s been nothing but headaches and I’m pretty over it. I can relate to petraforu’s frustration with this whole thing.

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