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  • The entire logic does not make sense. So lets see…backup site – pay $$$ if more than 512 mb (which a lot of sites are), then pay $$$ for FTP. Step 2, create new wp site with different domain, install plugin and then import. Too many steps.

    heck easier to export zip files and database and ftp into new site. No $$$.

    read this, far better choices…and some are free…no gimmicks.

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  • Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    Almost always when one buys a WordPress hosting they end up with a WordPress site. All they have to do is login to that site and install the plugin.
    It is simple and does not involve having knowledge of FTP or having applications to use FTP. Some hosting providers do not provide FTP accounts – just a web interface.

    I am not sure why you think you have to pay for the FTP extension – you don’t need to use it to migrate your site.
    Export to File then import from File.

    FTP extension is useful when you want to create backups of your website on a different server.

    Could you try the plugin, I am sure it will make transferring a website much more convenient and faster than the choice that you’ve posted.

    Just tried it and got this error – Unable to seek to offset 52525252525252 on /var/www/vhosts/

    As I said before not the best for large sites. you have to pay..either for site bigger than 512 mb or for ftp or other option.

    there are other plugins that work and are really free. Sorry but not impressed…will buy backup buddy. works well and is very easy.

    Plugin Author Borislav Angelov



    PHP limitation is causing that problem, it’s not a plugin limitation. Usually when you have PHP 32bit and you have backup archive > 2GB, PHP 32bit doesn’t support them, you have to upgrade to PHP 64bit and you will be able to export/import files > 2GB. Usually this is observed on Windows but is also valid for Unix operating systems. Most of the hosting providers are using PHP 64bit and they support very large backup archives.

    Best Regards,

    and if you stand on one leg and jump through a thousand hoops, the plugin will work! When it behaves and smells like garbage, it’s usually garbage! HORRIBLE PLUGIN! If you were upfront and just charged for the damn thing and it worked out of the gate, you would be better off. This sneaky crap to make money just pisses people like me off!

    Plugin Author Yani Iliev


    Your server is running out of disk space. You need to make some space for the files that the plugin will archive.
    You tried to use FTP extension which is a premium addon. You will need to use exporting to file.

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