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    Was using this plugin on one of my sites. Worked fine for a few months, basic but worked. Paid for the pro version and it didn’t work, reply email didn’t work and had crashing issue with the main app, had support on it and when they could not fix it they blamed my theme ( A New Site). I won’t be using any pluging again from this company as it could break my theme and crash my site. The company will not take any responsibility for it. Lots of time wasted on these guys. installed another plugin with a similar name and had it all sorted within a few hours, No thanks to Ultimate Reviews who always replied to emails with no name given! I did get a full Refund after demanding it a couple of times.

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    The issue this user was having was that, in the thank you email that was selected to be sent (created using the Ultimate WP Mail plugin), the body of the email was not being included. The email was going through, but only the footer of the email was showing.

    We tested this and found there to be an issue. While we worked on patching it and testing our new version, we created a custom plugin file for them to be used, so they could have the functionality right away while we worked on the new version.

    They had an issue replacing the default file with the custom one we sent. We tried to guide them through the process of using the admin panel and/or FTP to do this, but, for some reason, they took this to mean that we were blaming their theme for this not working. We never once, in all of our emails to you, mentioned your theme. Please re-read the email thread and you’ll see this.

    All of this being said, we released a new version of the plugin, with a full fix for this issue, only a few hours later.

    Nevertheless, the customer requested a refund, which we processed in full and in a timely manner.

    In all, the user wrote over a dozen emails in under three days. We responded to all of them quickly and in a detailed manner. We immediately created a custom workaround for them and had a full fix released for this within a few hours of discovering the real issue.

    We tried everything that we could to help you out with the issue you were facing. We never once mentioned your theme or blamed anything on something on your end. We don’t appreciate you trying to mislead people into thinking this.

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