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  • I’ve read through all the other posts I can see on this.
    It’s a VERY low use blog (15-20 commenters) with the auther posting 1 to 3 a day, not always on weekends. Here are the stats. Everything’s been fine since 2004 when it was put up. Upgrades are done each time they’re put out. Plus upgrading plugins now that there’s a quick way to do it. All of a sudden this comes in!

    Hosting Email says (after the move):

    Your account is utilizing excessive resources, causing a significant degradation of services on the server. This is a shared environment and we can not allow one user to utilize the majority of the resources on a server as it affects all users adversely. Because of this, you have been temporarily moved to the [–] server.

    A detail of the problem is shown below as:

    CPU: 5.67 %
    Memory: 0.72 %
    Mysql: 0.8 %

    [redacted site domain name was here]

    Top Process %CPU 19.0 /usr/bin/php
    Top Process %CPU 17.0 /usr/bin/php
    Top Process %CPU 7.1 /usr/bin/php

    As per above usages your account is more suitable for dedicated server, not a shared situation.

    Please note that the acceptable usage range for [plan1] and [plan2] plans is 1.0% average %CPU or less, 1.0% average %Memory or less and Top Processes below 20%.

    We moved you to [delete server] first to solve the issue of the degraded service on the server and second as a courtesy in order to prevent any downtime on your site to allow you time to rectify the situation. Currently, your site is not suitable for a shared hosting environment.]

    A dedicated server is $100 per month. Don’t know why a business account was not suggested. This is the smallest thing I run and nothing else has done this but this WordPress blog… They admit it is the blog when I talked with a supervisor who didn’t understand it at all and has his own (higher traffic) blogs.

    We were notified 2 weeks ago and cannot figure out what happened from the last WP upgrade just before that. Have WP Cache, swapped out one social bookmarking share plugin (Gregarious) for one that doesn’t do email (i-love-s-b), use the Comment Subscribe and that’s it.

    Today they didn’t even notify us. They had already moved us to the “troublemaker” server and it must have continued. I got them to turn us back on for a bit so we can troubleshoot. When we’re off, we can’t get to anything for backup or repair.

    What do you programmers think??

    Is this a script error with 2.3.1 ???

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  • I’ve just had my blog suspended! I can’t get ANY of my files since they have locked me out of FTP access as well. I’ve had this site since 1990. I paid my ISP ( 10 years in advance and my contract was for unlimited bandwidth with not a single word about CPU limit. One tech said I was 6000% over my allowed CPU use. They are 0% helpful so far at all about what might be causing this. Tech support says I have to email the abuse department and that there is no phone number for the abuse department. Was my site attacked by a DOS attack? Or is there something lame about WordPress 2.3.3? Or one of my plug-ins? Yes, I have WP-Cache. Very annoying!



    Does anyone have an answer to this. I’m having the same problem as protechs.



    i have the same problem with the version 2.6.2

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