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  • Dear All

    After updated to WordPress 5.01, my CPU usage is very high and bloated.

    I think it’s because the autosave that always work too high every second I edit the content. In classic editor, we can set interval for autosave to every 300 second or more, but it doesn’t work on Gutenberg.

    Also the Google fonts (Noto Serif?) that set as default on Gutenberg can slow down my admin dashboard. I’ve set remove Google font setting on Autoptimize and Clearfy plugin, but Noto Serif font still active on my Gutenberg editor.

    How to fix this issue?


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  • Other than using the Classic Editor plugin’s setting to default to Classic Editor with the option to still use Gutenberg as needed I can only suggest ‘turn the crank faster’ by buying more horsepower (a better, faster, server with more memory).


    I do have another trick up my sleeve… offload the intensive tasks to another WordPress where possible. In your case, you might want to try making your ‘Gutenberg centric’ changes on a second WordPress installed elsewhere like on your own local server.

    To me, this solution is a good one but might be way beyond the technical capabilities of many users. It’s not for the faint of heart either. And I’m not real crazy about running dissimilar systems like a great web server online and a Windows-based ‘WAMP’ type server at home for changes.

    the ‘Turning the crank faster’ solution is probably the better choice for most sites as the benefits span the operations of the whole website.

    This is just my own opinion and comes from years of experience and business cases where spending a few extra dollars to fix a problem actually benefited the whole operation noticeably.

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    (@otto42) Admin

    Autosaves are just sending a single HTTP request every so often. Even if it was every 10 seconds, you would not see any appreciable spike from that, unless you’re running your site on a potato.

    Maybe you should look into a better hosting service.

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    I use this code on my wp-config

    define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);
    define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 86400);

    But the autosave still run.

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