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    I’m just trying to figure out whether others have this same issue:

    When I use P3 Plugin Profiler to scan my page loads, the Organize Series plugin seems to be using anywhere from 33-40% of the load time, and it is by far the most resource-intensive plugin on my site, or that’s what the P3 profiler thinks, anyway. (Right now it’s hovering at 38%, which I’m guessing means it’s probably responsible for the CPU minutes resource overload I’m experiencing.)

    I realize it’s possible the plugin isn’t playing nicely with some other plugin I have installed (and I have a fair number of them, at 35, but this is less than I used to have), but this pattern has been pretty consistent over the last year or so. Is there a list of plugins it doesn’t work well with? Is it possible to “fix” this somehow? I’d appreciate any thoughts or advice people can offer.

    I’m trying the memory allotment change solution that others have reported worked for them, but… in the meantime, what would be a normal amount of system resource usage by this plugin? (What percentage of the pageload should it be, when things are working properly?)

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  • By the way, changing the memory limit setting as per other other posts in this plugin’s support forum don’t seem to have had any effect. It’s still hovering around 38% of the time used up in each page load, and, presumably, a corresponding amount of CPU time.

    Could this be because of the size of one of my series? I can’t figure out what could be causing the poblem, beyond having a couple of series that are over thirty posts long…

    as per the tweets back and forth with @organizeseries, it was determined that organize series isn’t the cause of the issues.

    That’s sort-of true: it seems more likely admin-ajax is a big part of the problem, along with spammers attacking the login and comments php scripts remotely.

    But Organize Series still seems to account for about 40-50% of load time for my site’s pages, as clocked by the P3 Plugin Profiler plugin. I once got a much lower score, when I turned off the cache bypass, but that was only once: I haven’t been able to replicate that result. I’m wondering whether there’s a plugin conflict or something else causing this. If it’s a problem in the code, it’d be nice to be able to fix it, since Organize Series is a plugin I feel is essential for my site… but is also likeliest to have to be deactivated if I go over my CPU Minutes badly enough to get a warning again!

    Can anyone else out there try running the P3 plugin and post their results? I’m curious.

    see my comments over in the reviews about this.

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