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  • Hi All, I just moved my entire blog to WordPress and is in the process of forming a community of bloggers of my own. Recently, my hosting provider told me that WordPress is hogging up a high CPU load and hence decide to ban it. I think this is a stupid move. They just added the clause under WAREZ in the User Acceptance Policy here.
    Persoanlly, I have yet to come across any comments about high CPU load. they have request that we provide them with prove that WordPress does not cause high CPU load.
    Is there anyone here who had experienced the same thing before or could help me prove it? I know I can always switch hosting, but I rather not at this point. That would be the last resort.

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  • WordPress in the same breath as Warez?
    Do they allow other php driven apps. Do none of their uses use a megalithic php driven Forum?

    I am actually looking for an alternate hosting which gives me reseller status as I would be hosting some other blogs as well.
    I seriously do not understand their logic. I suspect that their technical is a bit incompetent.. They claim that WordPress is prone to hacking. I bet the guy must had been searching for WordPress + Hack and came up with lots of hits.

    Most providers don’t complain about php based websites. Apparently your hosting company has a very strict policy.
    A bit offtopic maybe, but I found this strange…:

    so if anyone being scan that running this Php scripts on our Singapore base server your account will be suspend and you will be liable to pay for all the costs to removing the scripts from our server.

    What is the cost to remove something from a server? I takes me 2 seconds to remove the directory. I don’t think I would use this provider…

    wooo… i’m a singaporean too. and i’ve looked at switchfusion before. One of the cheapest around. But very screwed up indeed. Their cheap plan, no hosting of files no php site no nothing. Just plain simple html. Now who has a website liddat… and still uses up 50mb of space.

    I’m scared of any webhost using the “blink” element on their page…. eeek….
    Considering you’re gonna be reselling, I would definitely suggest you start looking for a new provider. You’re running very little now I imagine compared to what you will be in the months to come.

    Thank you all for the comments. It is indeed strange that a hosting does not allow PHP and they added the thing about WordPress into the Acceptable User Policy page right after we complain about removing some of my domains without informing me.
    Anyway, I will forward Mark’s link to them showing that other hosting has no problem with it.

    switchfusion generally get very strict. Especially if you are on the cheaper hosting plans. It’s a way to get u to upgrade. They do not like PHP based sites at ALL. BAH.
    Go look for another provider. Many around!

    It’s amazing to think a small PHP blogging application would cause server load problems. Many hosts have no problem running complete PHP bulletin boards, like PHPBB, let alone a small blogging app like WordPress. It’s usually a CGI app which cause server overloads. I would consider changing hosts. My host, , is pretty good. I’m sure others can make recommendations too.

    If you’re reselling, and a have a couple friends who have sites as well, it’s worth going ahead and ponying up for your own small-time dedicated box.

    Anyway, thanks all for the informative and useful feedback.
    We have decided to migrate to a wordpress friendly hosting for now.
    Tedfox, if you are interested, try, this is the new hosting I am using and they seems to have quite good feedback from the web community.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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