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  • Until recently, I never received any cpu errors when publishing material to my blog. But lately, I’ve been seeing this:

    Account temporarily ran out of CPU recources. Please close your browser and try again later.

    When I called Bluehost, they said it was a php scripting error due to the script not executing within 12 seconds. They didn’t think there was a server side error & thought it was due to something within my blog installation.

    Can anyone tell me more about the error & why I might be getting it & how I can fix it?

    My blog is

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Try disabling all active plugins and post again.

    Now I can’t even access the internal interface without getting the same error. So I can’t turn off the plugins till I can get the installation pgs to open.

    Can you tell me whether you can access my blog through the url above. I can’t right now.

    It looks like Bluehost is now admitting that it’s a server issue on their end. If the last tecj guy I spoke to there a few days ago about this problem hadn’t sworn up & down it was a php scripting error on my end & had been willing to pursue my hunch that it was a server issue then perhaps they wouldn’t have had this outage which is now affecting many more folks than me.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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